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The Saddleback Valley Educators Association (SVEA) is the local union for the non-management, credentialed employees of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. SVEA represents approximately 1200 credentialed employees.


SVEA maintains an office to serve its members in Alicia Office Park in Laguna Hills (5 Freeway and Alicia Parkway). You may contact SVEA at:

25201 Paseo de Alicia, Suite 150
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4659
Telephone: (949) 951-5373
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaddlebackValleyEducators


The office suite contains a large meeting room where SVEA Site Representatives meet up to twice each month during the school year to establish SVEA policy and procedures, act on member concerns, and share information from the local, state and national levels to be communicated back to members. There are currently almost sixty (60) Site Representatives, who are elected annually on the basis of a 25 to 1 ratio or major fraction thereof, with no site having less than one representative. In addition to representation of members at each specific site, there are also area representatives for Special Education (Elementary and Secondary), Elementary Performing Arts, and Guidance.

The SVEA Executive Board also meets each month during the school year, with additional special sessions, as needed. The Board implements SVEA policies and procedures, performs the day-to-day governance activities, and manages the operations of the SVEA office. The Executive Board is composed of 8 elected voting members, plus two non-voting members: the SVEA Contract Manager/Bargaining Chair and the SVEA Executive Director, who is a CTA staff representative/employee and consultant to the Executive Board.

The SVEA President maintains an office in the suite, as does the SVEA Vice President, Treasurer, Contract Manager/Bargaining Chair, Political Action Chair (PAC), and PAC Treasurer. The SVEA President is released from their teaching duties for 100% of each week to conduct the business of the union.


SVEA has several standing committees, consisting of member volunteers willing to devote their personal time to the activities that make SVEA better able to serve its diverse member population. These committees are:

  • Negotiations Rules & Elections
  • Professional Growth
  • Insurance Organizing Team
  • Political Action
  • Scholarships
  • Special Education
  • Jim Wehan Service/SVEA Award

Committee members are appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Executive Board. Should you wish to become involved with the workings of SVEA, two typical places to start are to either become a Site Representative or to volunteer to serve on a committee. If you would be interested in becoming involved in our local union by serving on any of the above committees, please e-mail President Denise Bradford, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call her at the SVEA office at (949) 951-5373.


SVEA employs a full-time Office Manager, Kristy Bradford, to assist members and to provide support services for SVEA's various programs and activities. Also located in the SVEA suite is the office of the SVEA Executive Director, Michael Stone, who is an employee of CTA, hired to provide employment representation services to members, general labor relations services to SVEA, and to assist SVEA in the implementation of its programs and goals.


For your convenience, the following SVEA leaders have voice mailboxes at the SVEA office. Dial (949) 951-5373 anytime, 24/7 to leave a message.

Denise Bradford, President
Patty Stewart, Contract Manager/Bargaining Chair
Toni Fields, Treasurer
Kristy Bradford, Office Manager
Michael Stone, Executive Director

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