Retirement I am retiring/would like retirement info. How do I make a STRS appointment?

  • Call 1-800-228-5453 for STRS questions or to make an appointment. Click here for more information.


Membership How do I know if I’m a member?

  • Your site rep periodically receives a list of members throughout the year to which you can refer. You should also receive a membership card every year around November/December, distributed by your rep.
  • Note: You do not automatically become a member as soon as you work in the District (both members and non-members have the same dues deduction from their paychecks). If you are unsure of your membership status, you may also contact our Office Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to double-check for you.


Membership How do I become a member?

  • To become a member, all you need to do is fill out a membership form. Your site rep may have a few on hand, or you may get them from the SVEA Office. You can drop by or we can send you a blank form via District mail. You are officially a member as soon as you date and sign your form. Submit your form to the SVEA Office, either in person, through your rep, or simply send us back the form in the District mail.


Membership Do I ever have to renew my membership?

  • Once a member, as long as you are working in the District you will remain a member. If you change school districts, go on an unpaid leave of absence, or are returning after a year of not working in the District, you will need to turn in another membership form.


Membership What do I do if I do not want to allocate a portion of my dues to the CTA/ABC (political action) account and want all my dues to remain in the General Fund?

  • There is an option to opt out on the membership form. If you are already a member, contact the SVEA Office and we will send you a form to opt out.


Member Benefits How can I learn about my benefits?


Member Benefits Can I get entertainment discounts as a member?

  • Yes, you can get travel and entertainment discounts through TSA. For information, call (800) 537-8491 or visit www.tsaspecialservices.com.


Member Benefits Where do I get information for disability and life insurance?

  • Visit The Standard’s website at www.standard.com or call (800) 522-0406, 7:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time, Monday–Friday.


Member Benefits Can my child get a scholarship?

  • Yes, CTA and SVEA offer scholarships. Visit www.cta.org/scholarships for information about CTA’s scholarship opportunities, and here for information about SVEA scholarships.


Contract Where can I find the contract?

  • The current contract can be found here. You can either view it online or download the pdf copy. Your site should also have a hard copy in the teachers’ lounge.



Please refer to these quick guides for information on leaves with and without pay.



  • CBA - Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • CTA - California Teachers Association
  • CTA/ABC - CTA Association for a Better  California (CTA's political action association)
  • FSA - Flexible Spending Account
  • MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
  • PERB - Public Employment Relations Board
  • STRS - State Teachers Retirement System
  • TA - Tentative Agreement

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